June 17

 We bought a beautiful birdhouse from the craft fair in Milford NH . It know hangs in our tree. Looking to get one for our 

 daughter for a house warming gift. ......  Ann Marie Brown

 May 15

 I bought one of Harry's bird houses at a festival today.. I cannot wait to put it up!! It is such a unique. 

 Beautiful piece! He was a very helpful jovial man to speak with! I'll be wanting more in the future!  .....Cindy Bryce

 August 21

 Best birdhouse's! I have 2! So happy to see you at the fair again! �... Maralynn Murray Erickson

 April 5

 Great place to buy a birdhouse that made in USA. Especially for those who are serious about birds.

 May 21

 We finally got the bird condo mounted today..  Very late for the mother birds, but our yard was flooded and soggy for so long. 

 I’m sure we’ll get many   tenants!

Thanks again for such quality craftsmanship - I can tell there’s a lot of love in every bird house you make.

Enjoy the warm weather, finally.

Christine St.

What nice birdhouses you have! Very interesting works of art!


 I am very excited to have won one of Harry's Birdhouses " shovel Birdhouse" at a local raffle. It is beautiful! 

Mary Sky

April 22

 The birdhouse is up and it looks awesome!  Can't wait to see who moves in!......One of the new tenants!    Happy as can be, always chirping away.   

 We love watching them.

 Donna C.


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